External Links and Data Loss

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These are hyperlinks that point at the specific link in a domain. They are believed to be the best source of ranking power and they are considered as the third party votes unlike the internal links. For you to have high data rankings, it is good that you get these external links. At first, this was known to help search engines in determining the popularity of a web page. To determine the value of an external link, various metrics are used. These include;

  • If the linking domain is genuine
  • If the web page is famous to users
  • If the content in the web page and the target page are relevant
  • Who owns the source the target domains

Apart from the above metrics, external links still remain relevant to users because of their popularity and relevancy. This is termed popular mainly because it helps whenever there is traffic. They are easy and more stable metrics when measuring unlike in private servers. External links are well known for determining how famous a web page is.

How to prevent data loss through external links

Sometimes loss of data can be great problem to deal with. One can lose data through deletion, alteration, infection by a virus and also to external links. However, this stress can as well be managed. This is achieved through various techniques which include

Classification and redaction of sensitive data

You can do this by help of DLP API which will enable you know and categorize your sensitive data. By knowing this, you will be able to prevent your data from being lost to external links.

You should be smart with your data

To avoid losing data to external links, you should be in a position of just keeping what is of importance to you. You should not store all kinds of data in your computer. You can as well save your important files in hard disks, CD/DVD or any other storage device. This will give you an alternative source in case of a loss.

Unlock more of the clouds safely

To avoid introduction of additional risks to your computer, you should always unlock unimportant pages. This should be done in a safe way. You should analyze all your cloud data and unlock the unnecessary ones.

Manage your sensitive data efficiently

In case of any malicious data getting into your computer, you should always report this to Google cloud platform. This will then enable you to scan your data and be able to secure your important data. Losing data to external links will only find you when you are not aware of the save ways of keeping your data. Otherwise you can manage this with a lot of ease.