How it is possible that new generations’ technology is better for data recovery services

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Technology has been evolving to create better solutions for businesses and individuals. One of the common problems we have faced in the past is data recovery. A lot of money was spent on setting up backups and still that came with its own problems. Now however the new generation technology offers better options in data recovery services.

New generation technology has seen the development of enterprise class solutions which have better automation and efficient utilization of storage space which also means faster recovery and more continuity.

The new generation technology enables computer servers to communicate across networks which means data storage does not need to be on one server or disc. We are now able to even transcend geographic location.

With multi data storage for example, if you have a problem with the servers in California, a data recovery can be carried out using backup servers in Mumbai and that will ensure continuity and the data is preserved even as the servers in California are being attended to.

Cloud storage is one of the new generation technologies that is commonly used for recovery especially for individuals. Mobile phones have become a big part of our lives and a lot of data is stored on them. Using cloud storage, you can backup this data and even if your mobile phone is damaged, the data is not entirely gone since you can perform a recovery and access this data on the cloud even using a different device like a laptop or tablet.

Technology like CDP as well is changing the way data recovery works. In the past we were able to recover data up to about 6 hours ago or 24 hours and this means we had to deal with data loss of about 6 hours. With CDP, it is possible to restore data to the exact time that the corruption occurred this means you will have just about 0 data loss with this recovery. The threat of data loss as a result of human error or malware corruption and the like is very common but with technologies like this you can protect data as much as 100 percent. Critical information will now be safe and restored quickly with very minimal inconvenience.

The adoption of these new generation technology is getting data managers more relaxed knowing that they will suffer minimal data loss when carrying out data recovery. It may still be expensive for big enterprise but individuals may be able to enjoy more affordable solutions.